Shark Tooth Island


This is the complete walkthrough for Shark Tooth Island:

1. When you first arrive at Shark Tooth Island, run to the right and you will see a giant coconut-shaped cafe called, “Coconut Cafe.” There is a man standing outside of it in a lei and grass skirt. Click on him and he will give you a free sample of carbonated coconut milk.

2. Optional: If you want, you can visit the Tourist Center or Shark Museum and learn about sharks and the history of the island. There, you will learn that the island has a famous giant shark named “Booga” that lives in its waters. A famous professor, Dr. Hammerhead, had tried to study Booga at close range but was stranded on a nearby island. Unfortunately, this island is guarded by the great Booga and rescue is nearly impossible with the shark roaming the waters. Dr. Hammerhead’s journal was found but had missing pages.

3. Travel to the right towards the Island’s Ruins.

4. You will see a scientist that says she lost a paper on top of the ruins. To retrieve it, push the stone block to the right, jump on top of it, then climb on the vine by the tall palm tree. Once you reach the first wooden ledge, jump off and to the left to land on top of the ruin. Farther to the left is the missing page.

5. Collect the paper by having your Poptropican run to it.

6. Note: This paper is the missing page to Dr. Hammerhead’s journal. It is a code you will be using in the future.

7. Jump off and enter the Ruin.

8. How to Get to The Next Stage of The Ruin:

I. To the left, there is a swinging ledge. Jump on it then jump to the next lower ledge.

II. Walk to the left and you will fall onto the next lower ledge.

III. Drop from this ledge to the murky water below. Swim the left and jump on the floating log. From there, jump to the left on top of the stone block. *Beware the bat

IV. From the block, jump down into the murky water but on the left side this time. Swim all the way to the second floating log and jump on it. Then, jump the nearest ledge above it.

V. To the right, there is a ledge that moves from left to right. Jump on it and it will move to the right and under a ledge. Jump on this ledge.

VI. Above this still ledge is a swinging ledge. Jump on that. Wait for it to swing to the left. When it swings to the left, jump from this ledge to the wall with a door and “lock.” This is will you will use the code on the paper you found.

9. Click the “lock.” *It is shaped like a shark’s mouth

10. To open the door, you must spell “Open.” You must click the shark’s “teeth” in this order:

I. On the top row, click the second tooth from the left.

II. On the bottom row, click the second then third tooth from the left.

III. On the top row, click the fourth tooth from the left.

IV. Then click the larger upside down triangle between the shark’s “eyes.” The shark’s “eyes” should turn green if you entered the code correctly.


11. Once the door is open, move to the left and enter the now-revealed passage way.

12. You will enter a new room. Jump to the nearest vine and ride it to the bottom, which is filled with murky water.

13. Swim to the left. There will be a giant golden shark statue that has a giant caterpillar-thing crawling along it. Once it passes you on the left side, jump grey ledge near the bottom, then the side fin of the shark, then the eye, and finally the snout.

14. Above the snout of the golden shark statue, there is a swinging ledge. Jump onto the swinging ledge. When the ledge swings to the left, jump to the nearest ledge.

15. Jump to the next ledge that connects to one of the two walls that stand near each other. Jump off the first wall and you will see a small hole near the floor that leads to a small walkway underneath. To the left is a dinosaur head with a bone in its mouth. Collect the bone.

16. After collecting the bone, walk to the right and you will see a floating log. Jump on the log and then the ledge above it.

17. This ledge is on the left side of the golden shark statue. Repeat Step #13 and #14.

18. This will bring you back on the farthest right wall. A small ledge moves back and forth from each of these walls. Jump on this ledge and wait for it to bring you to the next wall. Jump on this wall and walk to the left.

19.You will enter a walk way that has its walls decorated with old pictures from the island’s natives. It tells the story of how the natives made a potion and poured it into a coconut to feed to Booga. This potion then made Booga go into a peaceful sleep for a long time while the native’s celebrated.

20. All the way into the left is a cauldron filled a mysterious powder-like substance. Collect this cauldron.

21. Above the cauldron is a ledge that leads to a rope. Climb this rope to the top.

22. You will appear by the Coconut Cafe and there will be a hole in the ground in case you need to enter the ruin’s walkway again.

23. Walk to the right to the Ancient Ruins. From there, continue to travel right to Booga Bay.

24. At Booga Bay, there is a man giving out free grass skirts said to make you look “like an native islander.” Put on this grass skirt.

25. Travel to the left back to the Ancient Ruins. Push the stone block under the palm tree with the vine again and jump onto the block. Then, jump onto the vine. Climb the vine till you reach a ledge.

26. From this ledge, jump to the next ledge and you will see a vine that continues up the palm tree. Go up.

27. Near the top of the palm tree, climb to the top of the vine and jump to the nearest ledge. Jump on the next upper ledge and finally to the top ledge and you will see the Medicine Man.

28. Click on him and he will take your ingredients and make a potion out of them. He will then give you a coconut filled with the potion to feed to Booga.

29. Climb back down the palm tree and back to the Ancient Ruins.

30. Travel to the right again to Booga Bay. There will be a crying woman there who says her son swam to a nearby island but couldn’t swim back because Booga was swimming the waters.

31. Walk/swim to the right and you will come onto a small island with a cannon. Click the cannon.

32. You will then be able to feed Booga coconuts by clicking the cannon. When you click the cannon, it will shoot the potion-filled coconut. Booga will eat the coconut, turn green, then fall back into the water.

33. This potion-filled coconut Booga ate made him fall asleep. Now, you can swim to the right to the nearby island.

34. Walk to the right on this island.

35. On the island, you will find Dr. Hammerhead and the young boy stuck on this island. Click on them and they will start to follow.

36. With these people following you, you must run to the left and back to the main shore by the man selling grass skirts and the crying mother. The mother will thank you for returning her son and Dr. Hammerhead will give a medallion and 100 credits.

You have completed the island. 


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