Island Walkthroughs

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Island Walkthroughs is where I will post various step-by-step directions on how to properly finish an island.

Available Island Walkthroughs:

Early Poptropica: This island is the first island Poptropica ever made. Because of this, this island is relatively easy. At this island, your mission is to find and return the lost items needed by the Early Poptropicans to bring their ships back into port.

Shark Tooth Island: Similar to Early Poptropica, this island is simple and easy to complete. During your mission on this island, you must somehow tame the giant shark roaming the island’s waters and find the famous Dr. Hammerhead who was lost at sea while trying to learn more about this beast.

Time Tangled Island: Time Tangled Island was one of Poptropica’s first complicated islands. In this adventure, you must travel back in time to fix the past to avoid the dark, destroyed world of the future! Using a device similar to a pocket watch, you can travel back in time and return artifacts to where they belong.

24 Carrot Island: Overall, I think this is the most creative of Poptropica’s islands. You will enter a town that earn’s its revenues by growing and selling carrots. Recently, though, the carrots have been disappearing, along with some of the island’s citizens! It is your job to recover the carrots and missing citizens and stop the person behind all of it!

Super Power Island: On this island, a nuclear meteor hit the local Country Prison and not only helped some criminals escape, but also gave them super powers as well! It is your job to capture the criminals and make your way to becoming a super hero!


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