Early Poptropica


This is the Complete Walk through of the Island Early Poptropica       

1. From Main Street, run to the right to Early Poptropica (same area as the picture above)
2. Run to the right till you see a water well by the empty pig pen
3. Travel down the water well
4. In the upper left hand corner, there is a glow stick. You can collect it just by making your Poptropican touch it
5. Exit out of the water well
6. You must enter the “dark room” which is what you needed the glow stick for to navigate through. There are two entry ways to the “dark room”

I. Go to the manhole on Main Street and travel down. Make it to the bottom of the floor and run to the left: There is a secret tunnel way into the dark room

II. From Main Street, run to the left. You will end up surrounded by buildings and a man selling balloons. There is another manhole on this street. You can enter it by clicking it, and you will enter the “dark room”

7. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IF YOU ENTER THE DARK ROOM FROM THE MANHOLE NOT ON MAINSTREET: Once you enter the “dark room” you must use the glow stick to help you see. You are looking for a golden egg.

I. Run to the left and go down

II. Run to the right. You will run into two ropes: Don’t go down the first one and keep running right. When you reach the second one, go down.

III. Run to the right and go down

VI. Run to the left, don’t go down the rope. Keep running left and you will see the Golden Egg. After you grab it, go out the way you came

8. Next, climb the window sills on the brown building then jump on the statue. From the statue, jump onto the red/brown building. From there, jump using the clothes lines  to the top of the purple/blue building.
9. On the top of the building, you will see a vine. Climb up on it.
10. Run to the right and you will see the feet of a Giant. Give the Giant the golden egg by clicking on his feet. He will accept the gift and lift his club, allowing you to pass further to the right.
11. You will reach a giant gardening scene. Run up the shovel that is leaning against the pail and up the green vine. Climb over the giant pumpkin and watermelon and you will see a bucket of water. Make sure to grab it.
12. Run to the right
13. Run to the right and use the plane’s propellers to fly you over the plane and rocket
14. You will see a Jet pack. Make sure to grab it. Equip the jet pack by clicking your “Items” and clicking “Equip”
15. Fly over the plane and rocket to the right
16. Visit the giant gardening tools again and fly under the vine. There should be a giant hole with a sign that says “Exit”. Click “Exit”
17. You will land on the top of the water tower back on Main Street. There should be a flag on top of this too. Make sure to grab it.
18. When you’re back on Main Street, go to street and go down the man hole.
19. You should be led to an underground area with spiders and barrels of mysterious green goo.  At the bottom, you will see a giant spider and a pig. Make sure to grab the pig.
20. After you grab these three items (the pig, the water bucket, and the flag) run to the right and visit Early Poptropica again
21. Return the items by clicking on the places they need to go (Pig=empty pig pen by the  water well, Water Bucket=well by the pig pen, Flag=on top of the tower next to the well)
22. The ships will arrive and the Early Poptropican citizens will thank you for returning their lost items and you will receive 100 creidts and a medal.


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