24 Carrot Island

This is the complete island walkthrough for 24 Carrot Island.

1. When you first arrive at 24 Carrot Island, you can meet the mayor and learn more about the island and the problems at hand. Basically, 24 Carrot Island is an island that makes money off of farming and selling mass amounts of carrots. Mysteriously though, carrots have been vanishing from the local farms and the island has been scrambling to make money. To add to this problem, multiple citizens in the area have also gone missing!

2. The first thing you should do is walk to the left. You will enter an area with an old farm and an abandoned home. By jumping to the porch and then the roof, you can enter this house by the chimney on the top.

3. Once you enter the house, walk to the right of the bottom floor and you will see a glass dish. Collect this dish.

4. Exit out of the house using the chimney and jump back to the ground. Walk to the right back into town.

5. Once you enter the town, there is a Carrot Diner. Enter this diner and ask the waitress holding a pitcher of milk if she could please fill the dish with milk.

6. Once she does this, exit the diner and walk to the left again and back to the abandoned house. See Step #2 for entry details.

7. Once you’re inside the house again, your Poptropican will automatically place the bowl of milk back on the floor. Walk to the right and you will see a light bulb with a cord. Climb this cord to the second floor.

8. On the second floor, walk all the way to the left and turn on the shower by clicking any one of it’s knobs. A cat will jump out and run towards the right.

9. Herd the cat towards the door to the bottom floor by slowly walking behind it and making your way to the right. Be patient, it will become easier with practice.

10. Once the cat is on the bottom floor, herd it towards the milk dish. The cat will drink the milk then follow you.

11. Exit the house through the chimney and walk back towards the town.

12. Once you’re at the town, walk to the right and you will see a ship called, “Charlie’s Surplus Co.” Enter this shop and talk to the worker. They will thank you for returning their cat and give you a crowbar in return for your help.

13. Exit the shop and walk all the way towards the right towards the edge of town. Go right towards the Factory.

14. You must now find a way to enter the factory. Jump on the bottom ledge of a tank next to an ad about how “Cake is Delicious!” Jump onto the top ledge of the tank. Then, jump onto the red tube that curves from the top of this tank. Afterwards, jump on the roof right above a sign that reads, “Carrot Cake Factory.” Run to the right till you see boarded up windows. The top one will have a blue paper sticking out of it. Collect the blueprint.

15. Keep walking right till you can fall off the right side of the factory. You will fall in a body of murky water. Swim to the left till you see some toxic waste tanks and a large tub above them.

16. Click the end of this tube and your Poptropican will use the crowbar to open the tube. You can now enter the factory.

17. After you enter the tube to the factory, you must run to the left and you will see a carrot shaped tool. Collect this item. It is a machine that when used, can transport you outside the factory.

18. Jump on the small ledge of the tub and then walk to the right. You will have to cross multiple walkways that open and close at different times. Be patient, this obstacle can be tricky!

19. After crossing, you will jump on the small ledge of the pipe and can now walk to the right.

20. A large rat will be walking along this side of the pipe, so you must jump onto the ledge above it to avoid it. Once you reach the other side of the ledge, drop down, and exit the pipe.

21. You will enter a room. Walk to the left and you will see a large machine labeled, “The Master Machine.” There are three switches on it. Drag the first switch to the left down half way, so the green light above it shines. Drag the middle switch all the way down. Drag the last switch down to the middle similar to the first switch. This will turn on the factory.

22. Run to the right till you see a box of crates. Jump onto the top of these crates then onto the ledge above it to the left. To the left, there is a stack of crates and barrels. Use the barrels to jump onto the top of the crates.

23. Wait for the giant claw to pass above you. Jump onto the claw and wait for it to move to the left. Farther to the left is a ledge. Jump onto it. Enter the air duct from here.

24. Once you enter the air duct, you will be taken to a series of tunnels.

Here is a map:


Yellow = Passage to the Printer Room

Red = Passage to the Freezer

Blue = Passage to the Processing Room

25. The first thing you must do is walk to and enter the Processing Room. (Follow the blue line on the map.) When you enter this area:



there will be some wire cutters. Collect the wire cutters.

26. Keep walking and enter the processing room. When you enter, jump from the ledge and wait. Security, (A flying-robot-bunny head) will come and zap you  into the Freezer Room.

27. Once you’re at the Freezer Room, walk to the right and there will be a steel box on the wall labeled, “Security System.” Click the box.

28. When you click it, the door will open and there will be 3 wires. Using the wire cutters, cut each wire by clicking it. You have now disabled the Security System.

29. Now, jump from the crate of carrots, to the lamp, and to the left is a ledge that connects to the air ducts. Now, walk back to the Processing Room. (See map above.)

30. Once you enter the Processing Room for the second time, jump down till you’re on the bottom floor. To the left is a person being controlled by some metal bunny ears on her head. Click on her, then click on the last message option, which will distract her. Click the button on her helmet.

31. This will turn the brain-washing ears off. She will thank you, but warn you to get some bunny ears for yourself too or security will catch you.

32. Walk to the right. There should be a boy also being controlled by the bunny ears. Click on them, then the last message box, and finally click the button on their helmet to turn it off.

33. After freeing these people, walk all the way to the right and there will be a door with a sign saying, “Authorized Bunny Drones Only.” Click the door. Because you are not wearing bunny ears, a trap door will open beneath you.

34. You will enter a new room. Walk to the left and fall down to the next ledge.

35. Run all the way to the right while avoiding the smashing machine pillars. Once you reach the end, jump on the green pipe. From there, jump from the green pipe to the left ledge above.

36. Run to the left and you should find some bunny ears. Go to your “Items” and click “Use.” This will allow you to wear the bunny ears. Click, “Exit” to leave the room.

37. You will find yourself back in the Processing Room. Now, you must enter the Printing Room. Run to the left and jump to the top of the crates and wait for the passing tub of carrots to pass by.

38. Jump onto the first lamp is passes under then finally the ledge by the air ducts. Enter the air ducts.

39. Go to the Printing Room. (See map above.)

40. Once you enter the Printing Room, walk to the right. There will be tubes that drop crates into a bottom tube. There will be breaks in the falling crates, so wait then jump through each one.

41. Drop all the way to the floor and walk to the left where there is a big machine with a bunny drone next to it. Click on her, then the last message option, and turn off her helmet.

42. She will give you a paper with the words, “fuzzybunny” on it. It is a computer password you will need later.

43. Exit out the way you came and enter the air duct. Walk to the Processing Room again. (See map above.)

44. Drop to the bottom floor and walk to the right by the door labeled, “Bunny Drones Only.” Make sure you are wearing your bunny ears.

45. You will enter a room with a large robot bunny and the evil, Dr. Hare! He will mistake you for a minion and tell you to get back to your job at the computer system above. Use the parts of the giant robot bunny to climb your way up and right to the ledge with a computer and a Bunny Drone.

46. Click him, the last message, and turn off his helmet. He will tell you to stop Dr. Hare from sending the robot bunny into space and destroying Poptropica!

46. Click the computer and enter the password. (Fuzzybunny.) Then, type in the command that is on the sticky note next to the computer screen. This will launch the robot bunny and Dr. Hare into space!

47. Using the controller, you can not take command of the robot bunny. Try to crash the bunny into passing meteors 4 times till the robot will finally break and send Dr. Hare into space. You just saved Poptropica!

48. Exit from the computer and use your Carrot Teleporter near the beginning of the game. This will transport you outside the factory.

49. Walk to the left till you’re back at the town. The mayor will thank you and give you a medal and 100 credits.

You just completed the Island.



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