Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica

Today, I decided to visit the island where all of Poptropica started: Early Poptropica. Now, I remember back in le olden times when Early Poptropica was the only island in Poptropica, and explorers like I were content with the small adventure of meeting goth girls and large spiders in sewer ways and bringing pixelated pioneers their flag back. And even though now we have islands dedicated to love-seeking vampires and futuristic towns ruled by robots, it’s nice to visit these simple yet humble islands that inspired the creators of Poptropica to expand their unique world.

So, today, I decided to go “back to the classics” and visit some of the highlights only Early Poptropica can bring us. I even dressed up in Early Poptropican clothes that you had to wear because the “Customize” button hadn’t been created yet, (They always say to “embrace” the culture of wherever you are). So my current adventure brings us to the original island of Poptropica: Early Poptropica!

Goodbye for now and continue to explore!


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